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Why are protective doors installed in sockets?
Time:2020-09-19    Read:1126 Time

The protective door installed inside the socket will open when the plug is plugged in and automatically close when the plug is unplugged.

But why install a protective door inside the socket?

First, to prevent children from playing, accidentally insert their fingers into the socket, causing an electric shock accident

Second, to prevent the tiny foreign matter into the socket, delay the service life of the socket

Third, prevent water splashes into the socket, causing electrical leakage hazard.

SOKs every power outlet are installed the protective door to ensure you and your familys health.

1.Euro type of triple schuko power socket with shuntter IP44, MOQ: 1000PCS

2.BS type of 13A socket outlet- white, MOQ:1000PCS

3.Euro-Amercian power outlet modular MOQ: 1000PCS

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