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How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad
Time:2020-11-02    Read:917 Time

Light switches are very important in people's daily life, but they are easily overlooked. can be switched on and off at least 40,000 times, with a 10 years warranty. Therefore, it is easy for people to ignore the problem of switch service life in daily life. Knowing that one day they start to fail, you need to understand how to diagnose light switch problems and what to do next. Better guarantee the safety of electricity for you and your family.

Why is the light switch bad?

Although the appearance of the light switch looks simple, there is only one panel and buttons. But there are many accessories installed inside the back-housing. As you use the light switch day after day, these parts will also operate internally. For example, if the resilience of the switch button becomes worse, it may be that the internal spring becomes weaker; the light connected to the switch often flickers and the wiring inside the switch becomes loose. Read the following content, you can quickly and easily judge whether the switch at home is damaged.

Four signs that it's time to replace the light switch

1. Lights flash

Maybe you have also experienced such a scene, you are sitting on the sofa watching TV, and suddenly the light bulb flashes for a second. You think that the bulb is broken, and you change a new bulb that does not solve the flicker problem. If this happens, it means that the correct connection is not established in the light switch and it is time to replace it with a new one.

2. Switch spark

Sometimes, you may see small sparks when you turn off the light switch. This is called a load arc and occurs when the connections in the light switch are pulled apart. However, if a big spark makes a "pop" sound, the light switch is broken. If this happens and you see signs of smoke or scorching, then it is definitely time to get a new light switch.

3. Noisy switches

During normal operation, the light switch will not make any noise. Therefore, if you start to hear any clicks, hums, or pops from the switch, it means that some parts of the switch are not working properly. It's time to replace the switch.

4. The switch feels warm

When the dimmer switch is turned off, you may notice that after turning on the power for a while, it feels warm to the touch. This is normal. However, the standard toggle light switch preheating is abnormal. These light switches should always be kept cool. If the switch feels hot, it should be replaced with a new one.

How to judge whether the switch is damaged

(1) Measure the resistance with the ohm range of the multimeter. If the switch is turned on, the resistance is infinite; when the switch is closed, the resistance is close to zero, indicating that the switch is normal. If the resistance is infinite when the switch is turned on; when the switch is turned on, the resistance is also infinite, indicating that the switch is broken.

(2) Choose a good wire and short-circuit the switch. If the circuit is connected at this time, it means that the other points of the circuit are not faulty. Remove the wire and close the switch. If the circuit is not connected at this time (in an open state), it means the switch is broken.

(3) If it is AC, you can use a tester to test. Close the switch, test the two terminals of the switch, and the tester is luminous, indicating that the switch is normal; if one terminal is luminous and the other terminal is not, the switch is broken.

Note when installing the switch:

The light switch of the bathroom should be IP44 or IP65 waterproof switch: the light switch should also be installed in the bathroom, but the bathroom is different from other areas, the bathroom is a relatively special area, because the bathroom is relatively humid, especially when people use heat in the bathroom During the time of water, some water vapor is prone to occur. This water vapor will not only adhere to the surface of the wall, but also adhere to the light switch.

2. The light switch should be dual-controlled: Considering the ease of use, when the light switch is installed, it should be dual-controlled, especially the light switch in the living room and the light switch in the bedroom. The light switch in the living room can be at the entrance Install one.

3. Install one in the aisle of the living room, so that when you go from the living room to the bedroom to rest, you can turn off the lights in the living room directly in the aisle without turning back. The light switch in the bedroom is double-controlled, and the first thing is to switch the light easily.

If you want to know more knowledge about the electric, please follow us.

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