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SOK Brand History
Your Present Position:About Us > SOK Brand History

1985 - JINLI Group was founded.

2002 - JINLI Group began to build High-end brand SOK

2005 - SOK and Tsinghua University mountaineering team climbed the Mount Qomolangma together.

2006 - SOK became China Tennis Grand Prix designated electricial, lighting products supplier.

2009 - SOK won the Chinese electrical industry's top ten brands and the most valuable brands for dealers' 


2010 - SOK Testing Center became the CNAS "National Accredited Laboratories".

2011 - The establishment of LED laboratory, National Testing Center, LED Dust-Free workshop and 

            production equipment, the LED project officially was opened.

2012 - Relying on the JINLI Group powerful R & D strength and lean production management system, 

           the SOK brand had formed a complete electrical, lighting, ventilation and intelligent four big series

           product line, especially in combination with LED lighting and intelligent products, can achieve

           a double effect of energy saving.

2013 - We cooperate with another 500 fortune company and became one of their most relible suppliers. OEM and ODM services are also becoming more professional and standard.

2018 - Jinli Electric Appliance Company achieved OHSAS18000 Certification, which makes the company more standardized in terms of manufacturing production management.

At Present, Guangdong Jinli Electric Appliance Company constantly pursues development and innovation, in the electric switches & sockets, pursuiting of high-quality.

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